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Since the dawn of man, the Gods have involved themselves in the affairs of humankind-and in affairs with humankind. Slaking their all-too human desires with the flesh of mortal paramours the Gods often sire half-breed offspring. These children, Scions, are invariably left for their mortal parents to care for. Though far weaker than their divine parents, Scions possess abilities far beyond those of any mere mortal. These abilities are often augmented even further by Boons and Birthrights provided by the Scions' godly parents. As a result, Scions tend to rise to positions of power and influence.

However, the life of a scion is far from easy. Though bound by ancient pacts, filial loyalty, and fear of fatebinding from harming one another directly, the Gods are perfectly willing to strike at their rivals by killing or maiming a favored mortal son or daughter. The tales of Heracles, Onamuji, and Sigurd are ample proof of that. The danger a Scion faces has only multiplied with the escape of the Titans, the progenitors and ancient foes of the gods. Like the agents of the Gods, titanspawn often go out of their way to slay Scions before they can grow into their full power. In ancient times, the Gods interfered in human lives more directly, letting rampaging beasts, natural disasters, plague and famine speak of their displeasure with man.

Once more the Wheel of Fate has turned, and once more the story has progressed.

Across the world, odd things, even for the gods, have been occuring. Titans have been released, but no one knows quite how and the original knowledge of their capture has been lost. But, even in the face of the end of the world, the gods still feud for power. The pantheons remain their tribalistic selves and attempt to overthrow eachother while their children do the heavy lifting and attempt to fight off the titans.

However, this sudden and violent transition hasn't changed many. Many scion still try to save or destroy the world, but even more are just working toward their goals and dreams.


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