• Ahriman, the Titan of Darkness

    Ahriman, the Titan of Darkness

    The titan of lies, deceit, and darkness. Ahriman is the opposite of Ahura Mazda
  • Kennedy Widton

    Kennedy Widton

    This woman makes you think of a prowling jackal. She has narrow eyes the color of fine gold. Her thick, wavy, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a coiled snake. She is very tall and has a feminine build. Her skin is light-colored. She has a
  • Maria DeVice

    Maria DeVice

    This imposing woman's dark eyes command respect. Her chin length nutmeg hair is tied back, revealing her strong but attractive features and aquiline nose. She stands taller than most men, holds herself with resolve. Her suit is grey and deep red, featurin
  • Rachel DeLeaux

    Rachel DeLeaux

    This serious lady has hooded eyes the color of blooming violets. Her thick, waving, very long hair is the color of the freshly blooming roses, and is worn in an uncomplicated, dignified style. She is short and has a lean build. Her skin is smooth and unma