The Eye of Crom
√Čannan's Quest for his sister.

He really killed the fuck out of her.

Éannan in his search for Cruach, the titan that he believed to have taken his sister Caitlin came to the private library of Cyrus Karanic in Portland Oregon. While Cyrus was not there his wife Aria was and she assisted Éannan in finding the texts he needed within he found

That woeful creature, Crom Cruach, the titan of deceit and decay. He rules over all that creeps and crawls. He rules from Fomhóraigh in the center of that Emerald Isle, but a skilled mage is needed. And that Crom Cruach was defeated by Saint Patrick, who blessed the creature after stealing it's eye. Along with a depiction of Cruach.

While doing his research, Éannan was interrupted by William Anderson Dudley IV, who basically asked him for his help finding his father, he had come to the library as per the instructions on a message given to him by a messenger, but was apparently being stalked by a Gorgon. Apparently William had just discovered he was the son of the Judeo-Christian Lucifer, and Éannan thought that maybe by finding saint patrick, they would not only help find the answer to defeating Cruach, but also perhaps lead them to some concrete ideas on finding William's father. So it was decided, but first they needed to deal with the gorgon. That is when Irsu Scribe of Thoth, who had also been doing research in the library approached the pair and offered his aid.

They killed the gorgon. Irsu used its spit as hair gel, and the group left for Ireland. At the Portland International airport they saw a broadcast of a nationwide manhunt for Trevor Tennant. But they managed to make their flight with no issues. Once in Ireland they first stopped at Éannan's childhood home and then continued to the Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland a garbage country.

There it was apparent that Cruach was affecting the land as everything, the buildings, the land was in a deep state of decay.

They found a ghoul and Éannan asked him about the state of the area and the wereabouts of Saint Patrick's grave.

The group entered the catacombs beneath the cathedral as pointed out by the ghoul, their journey was beseiged by Cruach, but non moreso than Éannan. On the way the son of lucifer somehow became intangled with the spirit of saint patrick who urged them on until they found his tomb and the Eye of Cruach.

After leaving the tomb they encountered what appeared to be Éannan's sister, but Éannan his mind affected by Cruach, his flock not recognizing the presence of his sister and not willing to believe she would so serendipitously show up launched his hammer at the person and they fell down and shortly after died. It was reveled as Éannan saw his sister's spirit leave the body. In disbelief the group summoned Cruach into the eye and Irsu combined it with Williams staff.

The FBI and Me

Though always on the look out for better companions, Akando sends his father's messengers out to bring Artin and Eanan, who brought along William from his previous outing, as well as a new face Veneno, a son of Tezcatlipoca with a penchant for chaos. They used the cover of one of Artin's grandfather's business parties, where Akando and Veneno stuck out like sore thumbs. But, after few words, they got down to business.

For weeks, Akando been tracking down word of a king of beasts. With his propensity for freeing such creatures, he knew he had to have word with this beast. The last thing he had heard was of it being in Nevada.

The group quickly boarded Artin's helicopter and took to the American West, where they landed in a small town called Mercury, a place made up mostly of country living types and bored teenagers. Eanan and William learn that there is an indian reservation nearby and Akando immediately wants to visit. Once there, the people of the reservation treat Akando like some savior. The group talks to Nakai, the chief of the tribe, who tells them that the great god Coyote had spoke of Akando saving the tribe from the U.S. The demigods are split on their opinions of the matter, but in the end, they all agree that they will help where they can for information on the king of beasts.

The chief tells them that the there is legend of the armed forces trapping a beast and bringing him to the secret base north of the reservation. Veneno hacks into the nearby network and discovers that their suspicions are true. Area 51 has the beast, and are developing some super weapon from metal that fell from the sky.

The group readies to leave, but before their departure, Akando asks to commune with Coyote. Nakai obliges his request and brings the demigods to the main hut, where he passes Paiute pipe around. For a moment, nothing happens and the heroes believe they're just getting high, but then the room grows dark and ceiling and walls fade away. From the shadows, Coyote steps forward, with his massive jowls in a constant grin.

Akando steps forward to him, asking why Coyote spoke of him as a savior. The beast thinks on his question, and tells him that he wanted to see what would happen. He brought them all here to shake things up.

With that answer, Akando and the others leave, not quite satisfied with their answers. They return to Mercury, where William convinces some kids to bring them to the "smoke tunnels" where the kids smoke and drink away from their parents. Once there, they discover that William's hunch is correct and the tunnels lead the underground of Area 51, but not quite all the way.

Using William's spear, the group tunnel their way through the rock and Veneno destroys the cameras before they come through into the base.

Here, the demigods realize that the area is incredibly guarded and cameras are everywhere. Using Veneno's Mirror Tablet, they hack into the area's grid and watch through the cameras. Veneno uses trick after trick to keep the guards in specific areas and sneak by. But, Eanan sets of the guards with one of his flocks and the party finds they can't run. Artin and Akando begin firing their flames and spirit arrows respectively, holding off the guards, while Eanan traps one with his super strength.

William uses this moment to show off the interrogation skills he had picked up from CIA work in Syria and gets information on the king of beasts from the man, but shortly after, Veneno sacrifices the man before anyone has a say, gifting his life and blood to his father, Tezcatlipoca.

Everyone follows into the final chamber, where the king of beasts is held. It's revealed that the beasts is a massive creature of ever shifting black mass. When Akando confronts him, he learns that the beast is actually Emamu, the Titan of Beasts. Though, the others have only had horrifying run-ins with titans, Akando sees this as an opportunity to gain an ally.

Akando makes a pact with the beast that he will release him, if Emamu will join their fight against The Drowned Road, the Titan of the Sea. Emamu agrees, under the condition that he can seek revenge on those who trapped him.

The agreement is sealed and the Emamu freed, where he moves impossibly quickly and destroys the base with all the soldiers in it. Before anyone has a moment to think, Veneno, having found the secret weapons that the government was creating, sets off a bomb, creating a blast of light beaming into the sky, that craters the surrounding area. He takes the remaining bomb and group speed off in a stolen truck, just missing the explosion as his goes off behind them.

Back at the reservation, Akando thanks the people and they Emamu's attack on the base as their freedom from the U.S. William thinks it's a great idea, due to his belief in freedom of will for all. Now, hearing of the area's terrible drought, Veneno tries to summon water with his water abilities, but only succeeds in filling a well. Eanan, however, sacrifices the relics of L'Shion, son of Mananaan Mac Nir, Celtic god of the sea, and the god creates sea around the tribe.

The demigods see the destruction of the base and creation of the sea as signs to lay low and they keep their heads down at the tribe for a few weeks.

Silken Spirits of Warrior, Stag and Something Else

Eanna, Levi and Akando find themselves alone off the shore of France and are entranced by a spirit in the shape of an elk. They wade ashore and follow this docile spirit into an apparently abandoned village. Eanna's flock cannot function normally, as they are all too aware of some unnatural force at work, citing visions of dragons, soldiers, bands and a large fire where the town curls up a mountain. When the spirit they followed vanished, they searched for the reason and found none. Eanna was unnerved by the sensation that he was being watched and the fear of his flock. When Eanna mentioned to his companions that he could not reach his mother, Levi decided to contact his (mom/dad). He did and his parent was a bit of a dick. Sinking Eanna into the ground cause he was being autistic. But beyond a bunch of "Bahhhing" back and forth, his parent was fine and knew nothing, or at least nothing that Eanna was told of about the town, the spirit or the strange activity occuring in this town.

Once Levi's parent departed and Eanna removed himself from the earth the party went to the center of town where they found nill, yet Eanna's flock could still sense the spirits they witnessed earlier. Failing discovering anything of significance in the town center they traveled to where the flock had seen soldiers and arrived to find a group of valkyries standing off to a group of roman centurions, all living and oddly similar in appearance to the elk spirit. After talking with both sides it was apparent that they had been trapped in this place for a very long time (1000+ years). And at some point a malevolent spirit or presence had arrived and unseen and unheard by the groups they grew paranoid and began blaming each other.

The presence apparently could make them fight and even kill amongst themselves and it was strongest near the center of the village. After confirming that the two groups would not harm one another until dawn the party, whom were at this point joined by the strange enigma that is Cyrus, journeyed yet again toward the center of town where they discovered the great wolf Fenris in chains. That was accomplished by Akanda firing an arrow of sorts at him which caused what magic that concealed him to vanish.


Eanna attempted to speak with fenris, but beyond learning that it was Tyr that imprisoned him here he learned nothing more and then consumed the universe and Eanna is the best even though he has like no cool powers and he won the campaign. It is 100% canon that Eanna is now the only god and that every other scion, titan, god, titanspawn and magical creature other than Eanna's mom and sister are now 100% not magical and mortal.

The Scales, The Apple and The Argo

Maria and Eanna were judged by a council of the gods when the greek overworld started to flood, it wasn't until Levi started to glow that Eanna declared his prophetic vision to the masses and the roof of the temple was torn off by a leviathan. As the gods went to battle with it, Janus offered escape to the Scion in order that they may help Maria on her quest which she believes is to follow in Jason the Argonaut in his footsteps.

They are taken to the roman overworld, from there travel to spain, where Akando negotiates with the titan lython for his golden apple, trading him vast pastures to roam. From there they head to the Louvre where they are accosted by gargoyles whom are easy dispatched and Cyrus calls upon Delouxe to take the scions and the argon to Rome.

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