Scions who are aware of their parentage recognize that the term pantheon, Greek for “all gods,” describes their divine and immortal forebears as a collective. Most Scions, however, know that their parents belong to one of several tribes or families of Gods, also described as pantheons, who together bring structure and order to the World and neighboring mythic realms. Most of the surviving Gods of the pantheons humanity have worshiped throughout history remain embroiled in an all-out war in the Overworld with the recently escaped Titans. The Gods of the six pantheons presented in this chapter are those who have found the most time in recent years to slip away from the Overworld briefly to sire Scion children. This is not to say that Scions of other Gods are not active in the World, only that they are comparatively rare.

Each clan of divinities has its concerns and emphases, but its Gods all work to maintain the World. Their Scions help them achieve their aims, which may be defined as 1) prevent the Titans from destroying all that exists, 2) promote given agendas within human society, 3) ensure the pantheon’s survival, and 4) thwart plans of rival Gods. Most Gods also have a fifth priority: Keep the Scions from either siding with the Titans or overthrowing existing Gods. Each God approaches these priorities slightly differently and with varying degrees of attention. As immortal or semi-immortal beings, however, they have the advantage of long-term perspectives and a willingness to overlook short-term setbacks. Short-term perspectives and long-term setbacks infuriate them, so Scions guilty of both rarely last with both Gods and Titans gunning for them.

The Aesir -Scandinavia.

The Amatsukami -Japanese.

The Anunna -Mesopotamia.

The Aztlanti -Central American.

The Bogovi -Slavic.

The Celestial Bureaucracy -Chinese.

The Devas -Hindu.

The Dodekatheon -Greek.

The Loa -Vodou.

The Manitou -Native American.

The Pesedjet -Egyptian.

The Tuathe de Danann -Irish.

The Yazata -Persian.


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